Best Drugstore Face Wash

Top 5 Best Drugstore Face Wash for Every Skin Type 2020

Cleaning your face is the essential skincare step, but skincare specialists know that using the right cleanser for your skin is vital for a spotless and glowing complexion. Face wash removes dirt, pollution, excess oil that can dull face, clog pores, and cause discoloration and breakouts. But prefer grabbing a sulfate and soap-free face cleanser, and should be pH-balanced to maintain the skin without stripping.

Whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, or somewhere in between, and you prefer foam, cream, gel, lotion, balm, or liquid formula. You can spot the most suitable face cleanser for all skin types, and expert-recommended face washes. Here is the list of best face wash for oily skin and best face wash for dry skin as well.

GUNILLA Herbal Face Wash

The cleanser is a spa-grade gentle daily face wash, formulated for all skin types and perfect for those looking for softer, brighter, and clearer complexions. Based on 64% nutrient-infused greenhouse-grown 100% organic aloe vera, instead of water, to help moisturize, rejuvenate mature skin, and protect against damage. This highly effective soothes, moisturizes & removes oil & debris to clean while it purifies and benefits preserve the skin’s natural moisture and pH balance. TRUSTED by thousands of dermatologists for decades. It is Paraben & Alcohol-Free. — 98% Organic and Botanical.

Cetaphil Facial Cleanser, Daily Face Wash

A worthwhile yet mild face wash eliminating excess oils, dirt to leave skin appearing healthy. It comes clinically confirmed to Deep Clean Skin, without leaving skin seeming dry. Dermatologist recommended, and non-comedogenic facial cleanser rinses clean without leaving pore-clogging residue. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic facial cleanser is moderate enough and proven that it won’t irritate skin or clog pores. Suitable for everyday use, the mild and non-irritating formula is perfect for all skin types and considered the best face wash for oily skin. (more…)

How to Care for Your Child’s Hair

Children do not usually like their hair touched, combed, or washed so taking care of your little one’s hair can be a challenging task. Unlike the scalp of an adult, a young child has a soft pliable scalp which can easily get dermatological issues like dandruff, cradle cap or eczema, Their hair too is thin and several factors ranging from hormones to sleeping position can easily cause severe hair fall. Their hair is prone to breakages and tangling. However, taking care of their hair need not be a battle.

How to Care for Your Child’s Hair

What Can Help

Here are a few tips on keeping your child’s haircare tear-free for your little one and stress-free for you:

  • Create a routine and stick with it. Most infants and young children learn to accept things that are familiar and a hair care routine is no different.
  • Wash your child’s hair as recommended by the pediatrician. Most infants can go by without shampooing for a week or two. As they grow older, shampooing gets more frequent. Depending on their age, hair type, and activities, your child may even need shampooing on alternate days.
  • Like skin. Hair needs moisturizing so include oils and conditioners in your hair care routine. Again, depending on your child’s age, skin type, and scalp conditions, your pediatrician may ask you to introduce oils and conditioners one by one or to avoid them as necessary.
  • When choosing products, make sure to read labels for baby-safe ingredients. Most infant care products are water-based. The best baby hair oils, though not water-based, also keep their ingredients as chemical-free as possible.
  • Make hair massage time and scalp washing time fun. Find something to distract your child with like bath toys, action songs, or even storytelling. This can be a really fun way to bond with your child and drastically cut down tears and tantrums. 

How Men Can Improve Dry Hair Care Regime

Every hair type is different and has its own requirements. Before we begin with the dry hair, you should know the probable causes that lead to dryness. Lack of oil and hydration is the primary issue, which results in extreme hair dullness. In fact, due to dry hair, men may go through hair loss and dandruff problems.

dry shampoos for men

Causes and Solutions for Dry Hair

Few related factors that lead to dry hair and the steps to prevent dry hair are discussed below;

Less Oil Production    

When the hair lacks the generation of the natural oil, the scalp skin gets dry. Therefore, you need a proper amount of lubrication to keep the water and oil balance properly.


Men should try hair masks or oil containing natural extracts of jojoba and coconut. It helps to soothe the dry scalp. Frizzy hair is also maintained well with the help of coconut oil.

For Itchy scalp, you can try Tea tree oil. The best part about this is the antibacterial properties. If required, you can also mix tea tree oil with best dry shampoos for men and use them for better results.

Health Issues   

Often hormonal misbalance or any specific medication may also affect your hair. Mostly in such situations, you will notice itchy scalp and non-manageable hair strands. However, the symptoms differ in every individual.


All About DND Gel Polish

If you are the type of person that fancies well-painted and neat nails, then you are aware that there is a myriad of manicures that you can try. Manicures exist in one of the most active fields where new products, techniques, and methods are always popping out into the scene. Unfortunately, it is not easy to keep up with the trends as well as the safety methods that guarantee durable and active manicures. Lately, however, one of the most professionally crafted nail polishes that have gained extreme popularity since its emergence is the Daisy Nail Design (DND).

dnd nail polish

What is DND Nail Polish?

If you do not happen to have come across it, DND Nail Design has been in the market for over a decade. Even so, its popularity was still low, hence a possible reason why you have come to hear about it right now. Nonetheless, DND DC nail polishes have come to spotlight after over a decade due to a recent addition of a two-step process into their formula that does not require a bond or base coat.

It is pretty apparent that these steps are common in standard manicures, but they have revolutionized the DND process. The elimination of these two steps has helped save money and time as well as increasing the polish’s ease of use. The new method is referred to as the Daisy Duo manicure. If you think that saving money and time is not good enough, what if I told you that the polish could last for three weeks? It implies that you can apply it at the beginning of the month and have it on until your next payment.

Benefits of Using DND Gel Polish

It is entirely understandable that people go for gels and manicures that they trust. Therefore, trying new processes might not seem worthwhile. However, one of the most attractive ideas that you should consider trying is the Daisy Duo Process. Using DND DC nail polish will provide you with a hoard of benefits that you will not regret.