Tattoo studio related devices and equipment is gaining importance these days due to the increasing number of tattoo enthusiasts. These days, the manufacturers are producing equally competent products that meet the tattoo artist’s needs. Below given are well-vetted products that help you find the right gear. They can significantly change your tattoo studio into a professional-looking place.

InkBed Ergonomic Tattoo StudioChair

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The patented tattoo chair has an adjustable backrest that locks in any chosen angle. You can remove or extend the backrest of the chair to customize it as desired. Its foldable arm wings are padded with 3” foam and are capable of adjusting in 15 diverse angles along with raising or lowering them for up to 3”.

The wide seat, an ergonomic chair, is stable with heavy-duty construction and supports 300lbs weight. This is the best tattoo artist chair as it offers maximum comfort due to its high flexibility.

GOTOTOP Magnifying Lamp LED Light

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The magnifying lamp by Gototop is a multi-functional cool bulb with soft natural light that offers shadow-free magnification. It helps you view the tattooing part without distortion and gives a clear view of where you are working. Also, the colors are displayed exactly under this light.

Your eyes do not hurt despite working for long hours under this LED light. It rolls smoothly and has a swivel head with 360 degrees rotation and a flip of 180 degrees. Though it provides high brightness, it does not heat up and hence feels comfortable when used with your clients.

OUTERDO 100 PcsDisposable Gloves

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The high-quality disposable nitrile gloves are latex-free and are made from high-quality material. They do not break easily and are durable to use with rough surfaces. They are comfortable to put them on and are suitable for long time wear.

As they come with a textured grip, they are the best tattoo gloves that give an excellent grip for handling the machinery. You keep your hands free from ink spills and other body liquids that might be of health risk when contacted. They are super soft and comfortable for daily use.

Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine

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The rotary machine is made of CNC- machined, aircraft aluminum alloy, making it durable and lightweight. You can hold it similar to a pen and work out the tattoo comfortably. It is highly versatile as you can use it for body tattooing and a permanent makeup device.

This wireless tattoo device is CE certified and comes with a one-year warranty. Along with the rotary tattoo machine, this kit comes with 50 cartridge needles for tattooing. Taiwan made a 10W motor that is noiseless and does not heat up even after long working hours.

TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

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This stencil copier assists tattoo artists to transfer the tattoo design to the customer’s skin effectively. It provides an easy method to imprint the template to work on for a perfect tattoo. You can quickly and effectively print the designs with simple patterns and lines.

Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set

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This ink set by Millennium Mom’s consists of 14 colors of homogenized, pure pigment that adds vibrancy to the tattoo. It is a smooth mixture that flows effortlessly to help you ink the skin quickly. These inks carry rich tones that remain intact even after a long time. They are trusted by many professionals all over the world due to their reliability.


Even though you are an excellent artist, you still need a well-equipped studio to attract clients. Along with the quality of work, they also prefer comfort and hygiene. If you can offer both these in a balanced manner, then your studio will thrive beyond doubt.