An excellent nail manicure enhances the beauty of a woman and makes her look more graceful than ever. Though different nail polish types are available on the market, women generally prefer the gel and lacquer combo because of the superior, glossy finish it gives to the nails and keeps them shining for weeks together.

Yes, it is challenging to do the gel manicure at home, but these DIY tips can help you master the game’s tricks.

DIY tips to get the perfect gel nail polish manicure

Before we proceed with the procedure, you should be ready with the apparatus necessary for an excellent manicure

  • Sterilized nail cutting and filing tools
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Lint Free Wipes
  • DND gel
  • Gel Basecoat
  • Gel Topcoat
  • UV or LED lamp

Trim your nails and begin on a clean slate

Cut and trim your nails using a sterilized nail cutter and nail file. Use a clean nylon brush to wipe out the dust and dead skin sticking to your nails. You should ensure there is no nail polish residue on your nails. In case you have some, it is essential to remove it. Using a good nail cleanser is advisable because it can help the gel polish stick better to the nail.

Push the cuticles out of the way and buff your nails

Gently apply a cuticle remover on your cuticles and push them back using a wooden cuticle pusher. If your cuticles are rigid, you can soak them in warm water for a couple of minutes to soften them. On pushing back the cuticles, you should proceed with buffing your nails. It improves gel adhesion and ensures that the manicure stays long.

Apply the Gel Basecoat

Generally, all the top brands like DND recommend using their basecoat before applying gel polish. One should shake the bottle well and apply the DND gel basecoat on your nails. You should ensure to leave out the cuticles and any portion of the skin.

It is essential to cure the basecoat application under the UV or LED lamp for about half a minute to one minute.

Proceed with the DND gel and lacquer application

Take a new bottle of DND gel nail polish of your favorite color and apply the gel color coat using thin and gentle strokes. Avoid smudging your nails with thick coats, as it can take time to dry out. Place your fingers under the UV or LED lamp for around two minutes to cure the polish.

If necessary, you can have a second coat and make the color bolder. However, you should remember to cure your nail polish under the UV or LED lamp after each application.

Apply the Gel Topcoat

The gel topcoat application is the final step in the nail manicure. The topcoat provides the sheen and glossy finish to the nail polish and makes it last longer. Apply the topcoat with a clean brush and use gentle and even strokes.

After applying the topcoat, allow it to dry by curing the nails under the UV or LED lamp for a couple of minutes.

Wipe the nails using the lint-free Isopropyl Alcohol wipes

Your nails can feel sticky after a gel polish manicure. Hence you should clean them using lint-free wipes and a couple of drops of 99% Isopropyl alcohol. The advantage of using lint-free wipes is that it ensures nothing sticks to your nail polish and damages the nail manicure. A cotton ball will also be helpful, but lint-free nail wipes are better.

The DND gel polish manicure are over, and you can have a great time showing off your nails on social media handles.

Benefits of using DND gel nail polish

Using quality products is always beneficial. DND gel nail polish is one of the best products available. The fact that it comes in a range of attractive colors makes it all the more enticing.

The gel nail polish manicure looks elegant on your nails and enhances the grace quotient by several notches.

Gel polish lasts for a minimum of three weeks.

Applying and removing gel polish is not at all cumbersome. You can master the techniques with a little practice.

Gel polish is safe on your nails.

People feel apprehensive about using UV lamps for curing gel polish. Yes, exposure to UV light can harm your skin, but you can use Anti-UV gloves to protect your skin, whereby you only expose the nail polish area to the UV light.


Going to a salon for a nail manicure is a routine. However, the thrill of doing it at home is priceless. These DIY tips should help you master the tricks within no time. Keep watching this post for fresh guidance on gel polish removal and nail maintenance.