Whether you want to grow some hair or loose some hair, laser machines are your best option. There are places that we don’t want any hair growing in, our best bet to permanently remove hair or at least lessen growth is the use of laser machines. Sometimes we experience hair loss because of various reasons and we desperately need to grow our hair back, the solution once again is laser machines! It is ideal to find a machine that works perfectly for the purpose you desire. There are some excellent choices on the market!

Veme 99,999 Flashes ICE Cooling Hair Remover

This device operates on two modes, the single flash hair removal mode and the slide mode which is easier to operate. This modes are also automatic and manual. This safe and effective hair removal slows down hair growth remarkably and the hair follicles begin to atrophy. Long time use promises permanent hair loss starting at only 8 weeks. This may cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin and works best on black, dark brown, medium and light brown hair. This device works leaving your skin temperature within 50 to 60 degrees and as  a result it is the best laser hair remover device.

Silk’n Infinity Permanent hair remover

This is the perfect solution for removing unwanted hair on different body parts! This unisex device works on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines and any other areas of the body. There are five different modes that can be used to regulate the intensity of the IPL flashes for different body parts. This device is however coded and can limit movement.

Irestore  Laser Hair Growth

This is a hair loss treatment that has been proven to treat hair loss for both men and women. This is a safe way to stimulate hair follicles so that hair grows thicker and fuller. This helps to lessen balding, thinning and hair loss in general. This helmet comes at a lower cost but providing the customer with all the same benefits! This is one of  the best laser hair growth devices as treatment seeks to restore a full head of hair within 16 weeks. This is not an overnight solution, it requires patience and constant use.

iHelmet The Only Cap With A Smart APP

The iHelmet allows a person to customize their own treatments to the 7 separate cap treatment zones that are aligned to spercific areas. The ability to have a custom made treatment for the problem area allows for a better outcome. This device has 88 individual lasers that are to help with the restoration of your hair. This adjustable and comfortable helmet regrows the hair without causing you any pain. Have the ability to grow back your hair at an economic price in the comfort of your own home with iHelmet! This device comes with a smart APP and bluetooth connectivity!

Hairmax Laser Hair Growth Comb

For those of us who do not feel comfortable with wearing helmets and caps or the money that goes into purchasing them, here is the ultimate solution for you! This comb is designed to give the hair follicles therapeutic light energy thus promoting hair growth. This comb has teeth that part the hair to increase the delivery of light energy to the follicles. This comb can be used on targeted areas or on the full scalp for as little as 8 minutes on a daily basis! This is a unisex device that promises results from 3 to 6 months.


The key to the use of any product is consistency, results do not just come overnight. There is need to invest time in your appearance. There is need to find a device, that fits your purpose and incorporate it into your lifestyle.