Want to Look Cute on Valentine’s Day? Here Is What You Can Do

Looking for a little inspiration for Valentine’s Day? Look no further! In this post, we give you six easy tips that will help you look gorgeous on this romantic day. Valentine’s Day is surely a special Day and you would definitely want to look super cute for meeting your partner. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect Valentine’s Day now!

Want to Look Cute on Valentine's Day - Here Is What You Can Do

Keep Your Makeup Simple and Natural

Makeup is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s appearance. When you’re able to put together a natural look that looks good on any skin color, it gives you more self-confidence and makes you feel better about yourself. Apply only light layers; go too heavy with makeup and you’ll end up looking cakey and artificial. Build up the coverage as needed by layering until your desired finish is achieved.

Go for a Red Lip Color That Is Distinct

When it comes to picking a lip color for Valentine’s Day, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure the red lipstick is distinct enough that you will be able to recognize it when you see it. Second, go for something bold but not too overpowering. And finally, avoid wearing something that is too similar to your regular everyday makeup look – people might mistake the new color for your usual shade instead of recognizing the difference.

Choose Accessories That Bring out Your Features, Such as Statement Earrings or Necklaces

When it comes to accessories for valentines day, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Choose pieces that will accentuate your features. This means statement earrings or necklaces are perfect choices – they’ll draw attention to what you want people to see!

Dress in Comfortable Clothes That Flatter Your Figure

Valentine’s day is a special day for lovers, and it’s also the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care by dressing in comfortable clothes that flatter your figure. You don’t have to go all out – just wear something like a cute Valentine shirt that makes you feel good and shows off your natural features. You don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable in order to look cute, it’s the confidence that matters. (more…)

Things to Know about a Healthy Gel Nail Polish Manicure

What do you do when you wish to have a manicure? You visit the nail salon and ask for a gel manicure. But have you ever thought about the health risks of gel polish and the steps you can take to prevent them? Let us get the record straight first. Gel polish is not harmful, provided you use healthy gel nail polish and the perfect methods for getting a manicure. On the other hand, cheap quality gel polish can be dangerous for your nails and health.

Things to Know about a Healthy Gel Nail Polish Manicure

So, we recommend choosing the best products like LDS nail polish, etc., that guarantee a healthy gel polish experience.

Problems and Solutions to Have Beautiful Gel Nails

The Problems with UV curing

The most significant part of the gel nail manicure is curing the gel polish layers under a UV lamp. You know that curing of the polish is required after applying every layer of polish. So, if you have two layers of basecoat, four layers of gel polish, and three topcoat layers, you expose your nails nine times for a minute to a minute and a half to UV radiation. Therefore, you undergo UV curing for 10 to 12 minutes every time you have a gel nail manicure. That should be enough to cause damage to your skin because continuous exposure over an extended period can be harmful. (more…)

Gel Nail Problems While Doing Manicures and How to Avoid Them

The popularity of gel nails has skyrocketed in recent years. Women and men alike love the look and feel of having long-lasting, chip-free nails. However, there are a few things to be aware of before you get a gel manicure. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common problems people experience with gel nails, as well as how to avoid them.

Gel Nail Problems While Doing Manicures

Bleeding or Lifting of the Gel Polish

Unfortunately, bleeding and lifting are two very common problems people encounter with gel nails. This usually happens when there is a discrepancy in the thickness of your natural nail compared to the gel nail. In order to prevent this, it is recommended that you have your nails thinned at a professional salon before getting a gel manicure.

Gel Polish Peeling off Prematurely

Another issue that may occur during a gel manicure is premature peeling of the painted varnish. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as using hand cream immediately after the manicure, not allowing adequate time for the top layer to dry correctly, or simply not applying enough layers of polish in general. To help prevent this problem, be sure to allow enough time for each layer of polish to dry before applying the next one. Additionally, try not to use hand cream too close to your gel manicure appointment, and make sure you are using a high-quality top coat every time.

Discoloration or Yellowing of Nails

This problem is quite common and usually occurs due to the use of low-quality products. To avoid this problem from occurring, you should try out brands like DND colors which stay bright and vibrant for the longest time. (more…)

Korean Makeup Tutorial for Beginners: 2022 Edition

In the world of makeup, South Korea is a trendsetter. From the cat-eye to bold lips, Korean women know how to make a statement with their beautiful looks. If you’re interested in learning more about Korean makeup trends, or just want to learn how to do your makeup like a pro, this tutorial is for you.

Korean Makeup Tutorial

Start with a Clean Face

Before you start your makeup routine, make sure your face is nice and fresh. Give it a wash with a gentle cleanser and apply a moisturizer to help prep your skin for makeup. You can also try the best Korean toner to cleanse your face and provide a boost of hydration to your skin.

Prime Your Face

When it comes to Korean eye makeup, the sky’s the limit. But if you’re just starting, we recommend keeping it simple and basic. First of all, prime your face to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. (more…)

7 Important Things You Need to Ponder While Buying SNS Nails

We cannot deny the fact that every one of us loves to look beautiful especially when we have to get ready for an occasion. It is important to follow the fashion trend that suits your personality because overdoing anything doesn’t look good. SNS nails are in trend these days and ladies love to use them for a classy look. They suit all types of outfits and the best thing is that you won’t have to worry about maintaining the shape of original nails. Here, we have unveiled some crucial things that can help you buy the best nails. So, let’s explore.

7 Important Things You Need to Ponder While Buying SNS Nails

Some Important Things to Help You Buy the Best Nails

Check Quality of Nails

The first important thing is to consider the quality because substandard nails do not serve the purpose and they break easily. You should test nails by bending them slightly and if they stay sturdy then you must go for them. SNS nail supplies are usually available in excellent quality. (more…)

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails at Home

Dip powder nails are the right choice for nail art lovers, thanks to their fade resistant shine and longer durability than conventional nail treatments or gel polish color nails. Dip powder nails are more popular than the old nail methods. Because Dip Nails is a new and popular nail method, there are many brands on the market today for different products and dip powder collections, but we have to mention OPI powder dip, it is also known as OPI powder dip nails. OPI company is always leading the nail market in providing and producing the best and best quality products!

The dip powder created by OPI is a dip powder line that combines a nail glue and colored acrylic powder to create a long-lasting, highly adhesive nail set that does not require the use of LEDs or UV lamps to dry.

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails at Home

However, because dip powder nails are covered with resin and powder, the nails made with OPI dip powder will be thicker than regular gel or nail polish nails. That is why it is difficult for you to remove OPI powder dip nails by yourself and they risk damaging your natural nails, even more than removing gel nail polish nails if you do not know how to do it or do it or do it in wrong procedure and careless. The process of removing dip powder nails in general is quite difficult and the fact that you have to remove all that is left on the old nail set when you want to change and create a new set of nails. (more…)

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Applying Self-Tanner

Do you want a summer tan without causing skin damage? Getting a natural tan is no longer about baking ourselves under the harmful sun rays. With the arrival of premium quality self-tanners in the market, you can easily get a sunless tan. Most celebrities use these tanners to get a natural glow on their skin.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Applying Self-Tanner

Some people either buy an average quality tanner, or they don’t know how to apply it properly, and thus, they usually get streaky marks and uneven tan. However, you can easily get a seamless self-tan if you follow the correct methods of using it. In this article, we will share everything you need to know to get a natural-looking self-tan at home.

Types of Self-Tanner

In the market, you will come across different kinds of self-tanners, and the results of these tanners significantly differ. Here are the most common types of self-tanning products:

Tanning Mousse

If you want to get tanning results instantly, then you should use a tanning mousse. You can perfectly apply the mousse using a tanning mitt. People who want to customize the tanning result should use express mousses. The longer you will keep the tan, the darker tone you will get.

Sunless Tanning Lotion

If you are looking to hydrate your skin while getting the perfect tan, you should apply tanning lotions. To get the best tanning result, you should get the lotions from popular tanning lotion brands. You can easily apply it to your skin and leave it overnight for the best results. (more…)

How to Choose the Perfect OPI Gel Color for the Occasion?

There was a time when women wore nail polish to celebrate special occasions like weddings, religious functions, etc. Today, it has become more of a regular feature, with almost every woman brandishing her favorite colors on her nails. Yes, it adds a touch of class and glamor and enhances her overall attraction quotient. So, the question that arises now is whether there are unique color combinations for specific occasions. There is no laid down rule that requires people to wear a specific color for each occasion, but people have developed the practice where they prefer to have specific colors, depending on the occasion.

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

The Vacation Look

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

The vacation is the right time to pack your bags and go to the mountains or the beachside to have a fantastic time. As you move towards the mountains, you can try out the adventurous look on your nails by trying out bold and vibrant colors from the OPI gel colors set. The red and the maroon shades are best suited to give you the much-needed thrill.

Similarly, a visit to the beachside should inspire you to wear bright colors to match the sunny climate and the blue shades of the sea. A romantic getaway should see you wear the enticing pink shades to attract your partner. As you go through all OPI gel colors, you can find an exquisite range of pink shades to try out. (more…)

How to Get Exquisite LDS Dip Powder Nails at Home

Gel manicures are beautiful to have. Every woman would love to show off their perfectly-done manicures on social media and gain the admiration of friends and loved ones. While gel polish remains the favorite of people globally, dip powder manicures have recently become the trend, and for a good reason, as well. Why do people love dip powder manicures and relish having them on their nails?

Why Dip Powder?

A dipping powder nail job is the next best alternative to a gel manicure. Besides being odorless, dipping powder is amongst the safest to use. The best-quality dipping powder does not contain toxic ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Xylene, and Ethyl Tosylamide. Secondly, the LDS dip powder nails manicure does not require exposure to UV/LED lamps. Despite UV/LED treatment, these manicures last comfortably for three to four weeks. (more…)

Best Product for Combination Skin

Top 6 Best Product for Combination Skin: Tips Choosing the Right Ingredients

Combination skin is a bit tricky to handle as it shows effects of normal, dry and oily all types of skin. This makes it very difficult to pinpoint the exact issue and address it particularly. People with combination skin face a lot of difficulties while choosing the right product for them. Mostly they become confused and might end up getting the product which is not suitable with their skin type. To avoid this confusion and difficulty, we brought to you a guide about the best products for combination skin which contain the right ingredients compatible with your needs.

face Wash & Cleanser

Biore Daily Blue Agave plus Baking Soda Balancing Pore Cleanser

Amazon best-selling product B018B8PQYM


Combination skin requires deep cleansing without causing irritation or dryness. Biore Daily Pore cleansers contains baking soda which is a famous deep pore cleanser and exfoliater. It revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin and brings them to life. The cleanser also provides sufficient nourishment so your skin looks healthier and softer. You will feel a difference in your skin after every cleansing with this product. It also contains Blue Agave which leaves your skin refreshed and gives a soothing feel.

Clean & Clear Daily Pore Face Wash

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Clean & Clear pore face wash has micro cleaning particles of propylene glycol which provide deep but gentle removal of impurities. The product forms a dense and rich foam which ensures washing of every single dirt and grime particle. It does not cause drying out of your skin and makes it really soft and refreshed.


COSRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B01CLTKI4A


You must have tried other products also but this Korean moisturizer for combination skin has no match. The primary ingredient of the product is birch sap which provides incredible soothing and refreshing feel to your skin. It is famous for its antioxidant and protective ability. The product is extremely light-weight and it’s penetrating ability is so strong that you won’t feel if anything is applied on your face or not. It is a long lasting moisturizer which keeps the hydration level maintained the entire day. The product contains sufficient amounts of nutrients and minerals. It also contains antioxidants so it will protect your skin from infections and foreign intrusion. (more…)