There was a time when women wore nail polish to celebrate special occasions like weddings, religious functions, etc. Today, it has become more of a regular feature, with almost every woman brandishing her favorite colors on her nails. Yes, it adds a touch of class and glamor and enhances her overall attraction quotient. So, the question that arises now is whether there are unique color combinations for specific occasions. There is no laid down rule that requires people to wear a specific color for each occasion, but people have developed the practice where they prefer to have specific colors, depending on the occasion.

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

The Vacation Look

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

The vacation is the right time to pack your bags and go to the mountains or the beachside to have a fantastic time. As you move towards the mountains, you can try out the adventurous look on your nails by trying out bold and vibrant colors from the OPI gel colors set. The red and the maroon shades are best suited to give you the much-needed thrill.

Similarly, a visit to the beachside should inspire you to wear bright colors to match the sunny climate and the blue shades of the sea. A romantic getaway should see you wear the enticing pink shades to attract your partner. As you go through all OPI gel colors, you can find an exquisite range of pink shades to try out.

The Interview Look

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

While a vacation allows you to experiment with all kinds of nail polish shades, it is not so when you attend an interview. You should be at your best during the job interview because the first impression could form the basis of your selection for the job. Therefore, well-manicured nails are essential to match your attire and make an indelible mark on the interviewers’ minds.

You should go for nude colors without using any vivid shades. The simple look can, at times, be the most challenging to have. The best colors to suit your profile for an interview are the simple colors that suit your skin tone. For example, a fair-complexioned woman can try out the dark red hues, whereas women with a darker complexion can go for the lighter colors from your OPI gel colors, like white, cream, or even the baby pink shades. Such colors will make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

The Wedding Look

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

A lot depends on whose wedding it is. If it is your wedding, the nail color shade should match your attire perfectly. Generally, people wear white dresses during a wedding. Hence, they can go for the shinier and more trendy finishes. At the same time, it does not look good if you have a design with stripes or designs. The nail polish should be as simple as possible. The light grey or pink should look exciting on your nails.

If you are a bridesmaid, you can try out the peach or light yellow finishes to suit your attire. The light blue colors or the grey shades qualify among the best of all OPI gel colors as they suit you beautifully.

Graduation Day Look

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

Graduation day is a special occasion in the life of every student. It is a memorable day, and hence, one would love to be at their best in every way they can. Generally, the graduation attire is a black cape. Therefore, your nail polish color should contrast with the black cape. The ideal colors should thus be glossy whites or pearly pinks. The citrus yellow shade also offers the perfect contrast and makes you stand apart from the rest.

Before you get ready for graduation day, you should order your OPI gel colors set and try out the different shades in advance. As a result, you can be at your best on the most important day in your life.

The Casual Look

Top OPI Gel Color for the Occasion

We have discussed many formal looks that require you to be picky about your nail colors. The wrong shade can create a wrong impression about yourself that could last for a lifetime. Now, we shall see all OPI gel colors that suit the casual look.

You can also try different nail art designs and smileys on your nails, as you do not have these shades to impress anyone. Instead, you can give complete freedom to your imagination, choose the best colors from the OPI gel color kit, and show your nails proudly on your social media handles.


We round off by stating that you should always use those colors that you are comfortable with. Remember that the color or shade that suits you the best are the ones you should try out. It gives you the necessary confidence to carry yourself and make an indelible mark.