Shaving creams make it easy for the razor to glide smoothly and also lift the hair follicle from the surface of the skin for a closer cut. They soften the hair and moisturize your skin for better results. If you shave using an appropriate shaving cream you will be left with less damage to the skin which heals better.

Check out the top-notch shaving creams which can give you a slick shaven look without much hassle.

BEE BALD SHAVE Premium Shave Cream

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Bee Bald’s light shaving cream is slick and offers incredibly quick and smooth shave. You can use it for all skin types and it leaves you revived as well as refreshed even if you use a very little amount of cream.

Shave your head or face using this premium shaving cream with pollen extracts that smoothen your skin. It is the best shaving cream for your head as it contains natural ingredients such as honey, pollen, goji berry, Durian, and Licorice root. It is good for both men and women.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

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The classic top notes fragrance of lavender, liquid amber, geranium, and rosemary give it an exquisite scent. It is backed up with orange blossom, fern, and heart of carnation on the base of sandalwood, rock rose, powdery musk, and patchouli. The cream comes in a plastic shaving bowl and lathers easily.

This English cream moisturizes your face and prepares it for shaving. This masculine scented silky lathering cream gives you a unique shaving experience and leaves you smelling delicately fragrant. Using a brush to lather the cream works out the best.

The Art of Shaving – UnscentedShaving Cream

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The unscented shaving cream by The Art of Shaving does not contain any irritating fragrances or ingredients that harm your skin. This cream does not contain any alcohol or synthetic dyes.Hence it is the best shaving cream for men with sensitive skin.

It is formulated using high-quality botanical components and pure essential oil extracts from natural ingredients. Lathering up this cream using the brush dipped in hot water and a small amount of cream will give excellent results.

Cremo Barber Grade Sage & Citrus Shave Cream

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The ultra-slick shaving cream gives you a superior shaving experience with its close and comfortable shave. Also, the refreshing scent revitalizes you with its notes of dry herbs, white cedar, and bright mandarin. This shaving gel lasts for approximately 90 days which is much longer than average shaving cream.

As it is concentrated and rich cream little amount gives good results. The natural ingredients and extracts present in this cream support your skin to fight irritation, razor burns, and heal the nicks quickly.

PURE by Gillette Soothing Shave Creamwith Aloe

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Aloe vera present in this shaving cream softens your skin dramatically and provides a cool soothing feeling for the irritated skin. Its formula is free from alcohol, parabens, dyes, and sulfates.

The razor glides smoothly on the skin and gives you a treasurable experience when you shave. It is crafted expertly by the Gillette company with 80 years of experience to offer you a wonderful shaving impression.


Shaving can be a breeze when you lather any of these shaving creams on your beard or head. You may be a fragrance lover or not you have both kinds of products mentioned above. All of them commonly offer great skincare and moisturization along with their additional benefits.