Every hair type is different and has its own requirements. Before we begin with the dry hair, you should know the probable causes that lead to dryness. Lack of oil and hydration is the primary issue, which results in extreme hair dullness. In fact, due to dry hair, men may go through hair loss and dandruff problems.

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Causes and Solutions for Dry Hair

Few related factors that lead to dry hair and the steps to prevent dry hair are discussed below;

Less Oil Production    

When the hair lacks the generation of the natural oil, the scalp skin gets dry. Therefore, you need a proper amount of lubrication to keep the water and oil balance properly.


Men should try hair masks or oil containing natural extracts of jojoba and coconut. It helps to soothe the dry scalp. Frizzy hair is also maintained well with the help of coconut oil.

For Itchy scalp, you can try Tea tree oil. The best part about this is the antibacterial properties. If required, you can also mix tea tree oil with best dry shampoos for men and use them for better results.

Health Issues   

Often hormonal misbalance or any specific medication may also affect your hair. Mostly in such situations, you will notice itchy scalp and non-manageable hair strands. However, the symptoms differ in every individual.


You have to understand that the hair cuticles need the moisture lock so that dryness is eradicated safely.

Start using Aloe Vera. You may consume juice or apply the raw aloe extracts on the scalp skin. Aloe Vera is best for healing. It contains Vitamins C, B, and E, providing moisture to your dry hair strands.

Yogurt is another best ingredient for dry skin. You can mix raw yogurt with a few drops of lemon and prepare a mask. This mask works great for dandruff problems as well.


Do you know extreme hot or cold also affects your scalp and hair? It directly damages the hair follicles. Mostly due to temperature changes and pollution, the hair becomes brittle.


You should invest in best dry shampoos for dark hair to maintain the texture of your hair. Make sure not to over wash your hair daily. Hair experts opine that men can wash hair in summers for twice or thrice a week. Do avoid silicon contents in the shampoos.

Do not comb wet hair. It starts breaking immediately if you start brushing your hair after a bath. Go for hairbrush or comb with soft teeth. This helps to untangle the hair without causing any damage.

Let your hair naturally get dry. Try not to apply external heat with the blowers or dryers.

If you are a fan of using gel or masks, then read the ingredients well. These hair products should contain vitamins and fatty acids to nourish your hair thoroughly.

Avoid Chlorine

Often swimmers face hair challenges as the pool contains chlorine. It causes the removal of natural oil from the hair resulting in dry or frizzy hair.


To get rid of the chlorine damage, take a bath before and after swimming. It will not allow your hair to absorb much chlorine from the water.

Always use a hair cap while swimming.

Effects Of Dye

Many men like coloring their hair. Due to the presence of chemicals in the dye, it also results in the dry scalp.


Use the correct color protecting shampoo for dry hair.

You can also go for hot oil treatment once a week for strengthening the hair roots. This also prevents hair loss.

You can maintain the dry hair if you follow proper diet and hair products. For better growth, you should also go for hair trimming twice a month.