If you are the type of person that fancies well-painted and neat nails, then you are aware that there is a myriad of manicures that you can try. Manicures exist in one of the most active fields where new products, techniques, and methods are always popping out into the scene. Unfortunately, it is not easy to keep up with the trends as well as the safety methods that guarantee durable and active manicures. Lately, however, one of the most professionally crafted nail polishes that have gained extreme popularity since its emergence is the Daisy Nail Design (DND).

dnd nail polish

What is DND Nail Polish?

If you do not happen to have come across it, DND Nail Design has been in the market for over a decade. Even so, its popularity was still low, hence a possible reason why you have come to hear about it right now. Nonetheless, DND DC nail polishes have come to spotlight after over a decade due to a recent addition of a two-step process into their formula that does not require a bond or base coat.

It is pretty apparent that these steps are common in standard manicures, but they have revolutionized the DND process. The elimination of these two steps has helped save money and time as well as increasing the polish’s ease of use. The new method is referred to as the Daisy Duo manicure. If you think that saving money and time is not good enough, what if I told you that the polish could last for three weeks? It implies that you can apply it at the beginning of the month and have it on until your next payment.

Benefits of Using DND Gel Polish

It is entirely understandable that people go for gels and manicures that they trust. Therefore, trying new processes might not seem worthwhile. However, one of the most attractive ideas that you should consider trying is the Daisy Duo Process. Using DND DC nail polish will provide you with a hoard of benefits that you will not regret.

The new DND gel polish is easy to use. You can be a home DIY enthusiast and still get a quality and professional look as if you have been into a salon. Furthermore, you can order your kit from nail supplies online or buy one from the nearest nail products store. Due to its high demand, most of the salons are offering the manicure; hence, you can get it in any nail parlor near you. The myriad of colors makes it an attractive option because you can get a color that you have always desired. Unlike most of the other polishes, Daisy Duo gel is odor-free; thus, you do not have to go through the chocking moments again.

Do you remember the moments when you were ordered to keep your hands still until the gel dries up? Hey, such polishes do not give DND a run for the money. It does not drip; thus, the chances of ruining your manicure once it sets are very minimal.  Daisy Duo manicure is made up of an easy to remove polish that only requires soaking in acetone for roughly 20 minutes, and it will be ready to come off.

Application Process

This manicure has one of the easiest and straightforward application process that even total beginners can follow for the best results. First, make sure that your nails are thoroughly cleaned then take time to shape and buff them according to your preferences. Pick the gel color and apply a thin layer. Use a UV or LED lamp to cure the coat for 2 minutes and 30 seconds consecutively. Use the gel color to apply the second layer and reiterate the curing process. Then, apply the top gel coat, which acts as the last layer and cure it just like the previous layers.

Lastly, pick a wipe or lint-free pad and use it to wipe off any sticky gel that remains around or on the nails. The trick in the three-weeks lasting process is the curing process. Therefore, make sure to do it well. You can try one of the best DND nail polishes including the DND Gel and Matching Polish Set (502 – Soft Orange), DND Duo Gel Spring Set 440 – Papaya Whip, DND Gel and Matching Polish Set (488 Season Beige), or DND Gel Base and Top, among others. If you want a quality Daisy Duo manicure, prepare in advance by setting up all the required items, prime your nails, be easy on the polish by avoiding thick and dense layers, and avoid getting the polish on the skin.


Once in a while, it does not hurt to try out something new. Even if you are a loyal follower of a particular manicure process, try out the DND’s Daisy manicure process. You might end up falling in love with it because its time and money-saving characteristics might be what you need in your life.

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